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45 Day Dry Age Prime Ribeye


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Dry age steaks have the potential to take an amazing steak and kick it up a notch to out of this world. Notice how we say "potential". We often get asked, "Do dry age steaks taste better?" Our response is that dry age steaks taste different, not necessarily better.

The dry aging process allows moisture from the beef to escape thus "concentrating" the flavors within the beef. The dry aging process also tenderizes the beef. If you ask us which is more tender, wet or dry aged beef, we'll almost always answer the dry aged version.

Back to the topic of flavor, dry age beef tastes different and not all are the same. Our experiences have allowed us to taste dry age beef with an intense nutty and/or mineral flavor, which we enjoy. Other dry age beefs tasted exceptional, however, when asked the question of why, it was hard to pinpoint exactly why into words.

Even the dry ageing process will produce different types of flavors and results. We used an Umai dry aging membrane (bag) which some will argue doesn't even produce a dry age flavor at all when compared to the traditional and more authentic dry ageing process in a temperature and humanity controlled environment.

The Umai dry aging bag produces a dry age flavor in between wet aged and dry age beef done in the more traditional way. To confuse matters even more, if you ask us which type of beef has a more intense "beef" flavor we'd argue a wet aged beef over dry age beef any day. We love both wet and dry aged beef each for their own unique flavor profiles.

Dry aging beef produces exceptional flavors and is totally worth the cost and effort. The process is simple and only takes space and time. Try it out, we would love to hear about experiences.

The rib primal should come sealed in a vacuum bag. Wash thoroughly with soap and water prior to transferring to the Umai bag. Slice the vacuum bag length wise and slide the Umai bag over the entire Ribeye primal with the vacuum bag still attached. Flip over and carefully remove the vacuum bag leaving only the rib primal inside of the Umai bag.

Gently rub the entire Umai bag over the Ribeye primal. The goal here is to evenly coat the inside of the Umai bag with the juices from the rib primal. This excess liquid will allow the Umai bag to adhere to the rib primal and promote the dry ageing process more evenly. Vacuum seal the Umai bag using one of the included VacMouse's included with the kit. We recommend starting out with a 30 or 45 day dry age.


Dry age steaks go amazingly well with a bold Syrah or Malbec.


A single serving of ribeye steak is about 203 calories.

Recommended Serving Size: 3 oz. (Approximately 203 cal.)
Total Servings: Approximately 42

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